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Q & A


End Of Lease Cleaning, Bond Cleaning and Vacate Cleaning


Q: What procedures are included in the end of lease cleaning?

A: Our End of lease Cleaning includes a deep and proper cleaning of the whole property from top  to bottom with no exceptions! This is a precise cleaning which is covered with a strong attention to the detail. This service might be described as a spotless clean.


Q: Is the End of lease Cleaning guaranteed?

A: Our End of lease is a guaranteed service. Our guarantee is valid for the next 48 hours upon completion of the clean! This means that if there’s an issue our team is available to come back and cover a  re-cleaning session completely free of charge!


Q: Do I need to be at home during the end of lease cleaning?

A: It is not necessary for the Customer to be there during the cleaning. Our service is well organized and flexible. Of course you will need to be there in the beginning to meet our cleaning team and if possible at the end to inspect the standard of the service.


Q: Are the cleaning detergents included in the price?

A: Our End of lease Clean is a full service. Our price is always final and we never amend it on the day of the clean. We do supply all the needed equipment , detergents and cleaning tools because this simply makes the service professional.


Q: How long will it take you to clean my whole property?

A: Depending on your property. For example our Deep Cleaning takes more time and needs longer than the general clean!



Steam Clean of Carpets


Q: What cleaning tasks are included in the carpet cleaning?

A: Our Carpet Cleaning is a full service with no time limitation. It includes a professional Carpet Steam Cleaning also called a Hot Water Extraction. We cover a property Steam Cleaning, a Stain Pretreatment Procedure and at the end we do extract up to 95 % of the moisture!


Q: How long it takes to completely dry the carpets?

A: At the end of the service we do extract up to 95% of the moisture. This means that it will take up to 2 to 3 hours to have your carpet completely dry. Time duration may vary depending on the type of carpet you have.


Q: Are the cleaning detergents included in the price?

A: We do supply all the cleaning equipment detergents and tools.